Heather Whitley Gibson (aka TigerGrove) with new blog page!

I am so sorry to anyone who has been looking out for new posts from HeatherWhitley, on her old page, TigerGrove,Wordpress.Com. My wife and I got into a quarrel and I took it upon myself to delete her old page with the url above.I has truly apologized for this and is very sorry. Anyone who was following her please feel free to follow her now at tigergroves.wordpress.com, she will be focusing on new posts of poetry, music, art and all things informative and important to her readers. Thank you to all who supported her old site. (I am so sorry for what I’ve done to Heather and her followers. I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused her and the kind people that followered her. Her new URL is:https://tigergroves.wordpress.com

Thank you,                                                         

     Ronnie Gibson

 –I have the best husband-unfortunally for us we are both passionate people. I actually would like to add him to my page, because we our paying more attention to re-creating this blog over our tumbler page. HW


2 comments on “Heather Whitley Gibson (aka TigerGrove) with new blog page!

  1. granbee says:

    Heather, I am so pleased to find you again. I can you have posted A LOT in two days. Am trying to catch up. I would not have known if not for your new URL in a comment you posted on fergiemoto’s blog! It caught my eye just above my own comment box. Thank goodness! Sorry about your argument, glad about the making up!


    • still trying to get the messageout. We are both passionate beings. We would give our life for the other and yet we are so good at button pushing. He is sleeping. Poke. I do. He says ahhh-oh my god! smiles.Marriage is interesting.
      three years. March.13. it was on friday.


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