“Yesterday’s Moth” – Poem By: Heather Whitley Gibson


A cloth thread
it was yellow; shinning
bright steel blue
cob webs; recyclability
drips design retractable
and Tuesday received
buckets freely
I see a moth
from yesterday poems on
a blank piece of paper
cloth; thoughtfully pinned
inside made
thoughtfully re-read intimately
tube; in my heart
leering down
it’s sinful weakness

My ears are doing-that
wiping out
hands off; buzzards; leftover
ground down white wrapped yarn
the bones of a coat; hung hanger
wreck debris aged
falling of the bone
in waves; falling off the bone
in waves; it just comes
nothing hurts
it’s supposed to


2 comments on ““Yesterday’s Moth” – Poem By: Heather Whitley Gibson

  1. granbee says:

    Seems as though you had a dried up mothwings falling off kind of day, huh? Excellent imagery and analogies here.


    • illness, I am so used to being healthly, I did get lucky until now. My brain repells the idea.( I am starting to write and get it out, we face the unknown, really fast, when we are close to “the line”.) Our family is like that. my dad just did another marathon, he hates being ill. My grandfather turns 95 on wensday! my other grandmother just turned 93!


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