“Long Lines” – Poem By: Heather Whitley Gibson

Open window; shining coffee
a paper curled, opening
newspaper dew
outside, the cost of cutting the tree
a shadow moving; edged, sun wet light
dropping fares
long lines
whole grain

leaving leavening bread; growing, rising
flatten silhouette; spilling wooden vault
the robin touring, still outside timing
walked away, redirecting, spilling sight
Drawing fair
long lines

hidden; smooth gestures; timber into October
spray paint beneath a careful passover
over stepped sewer holes, round turned-clock, hues
tunneling underneath
sun clothing beams a light brimming, trim
Grooming hair
long lines
drawing reins in

a paper maker, palomino racing, ribbons green
wearing winning breakers, changing yellow fly paper
two twirling leaves hung like golden curls
catching an abiding ear
long lines
waxed, sticky & new

blue ribbon beer, honey bees, lemon Rhine’s
draining the compost heap, humming
turquoise-black flies wiggling;
like sea threw squid, dancers
spinning; a cloudy ocean deep
boiled words spiced
long time
holding salt, soupturine

Recital, a huge playing, green-bluegrass reference
clipping tool, agreement unmeant, hand holds
hands held, payment, original records
revolving door handle, real-a-state-knob
holding the payment tight
long lines
Play on the darkest night

Sublet, the unrest, grey sky, dulcimer
threw the armless; fire, mother kindling
year rigged, need needle memories pasted in place
fire places replaced the sun, fire moved the stations
turning the traffic lights
long lines
blurred rain

Song remains
in time, all the holes
in the middle
pupils pupils
recording call retained
thirsty names, puddles fused
words in your title
as we grow
we are all changing sizes
long lines
records records, a call

Night smears, long rhythm
warning mirror grains
grey sky entrails
evenly/cuffed/a plated bail
railing invisible fence trailing
cemented and armed
naming, out of the belly, poems
with warm sandy breath
need needle memories pasted in place
fire replaces the sun
long lines
try for rented space



6 comments on ““Long Lines” – Poem By: Heather Whitley Gibson

  1. fivereflections says:

    i feel like i’m riding across the plains of the Canadian mid west day and night – sunshine, rain, and firelight – playing music at stops along the way. but now i see a life-time reflection.

    i’ll be back to read it again and again!


  2. granbee says:

    “Rented space”–this phrase just echoes with me as I read and reread this poem. We all move in rented spaced, do we not? Or can we find our very own?


  3. Great road poem Heather, really gripping journey, accompanied by a nice use of words.


  4. This is really beautiful. The craftily described ideas and the almost abstract imagery is just brilliant. Lovely work Heather!


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