Ronnie and Heather At: The Rhythmic Lounge

This is one of our new pages on a music site that has requested that we submit our music. We get offers daily from sites like this along with publishing houses that are interested in signing us.

The Rhythmic Lounge | Talent Portal | Entertainment News | Audio | Video | Pictures | Videos | Blogs.


4 comments on “Ronnie and Heather At: The Rhythmic Lounge

  1. granbee says:

    Extreme congratulations, you guys. Hope all your signings work out half as well for as your musical collaborations are. By the way, Heather, I really enjoy your painterly style indicated by the artwork you posted on this new blog!


    • thanks! a picture of it I had on my computer-1999–we are contracting –it’s going to be alright–I just happened to be able to remember the poem-I wrote it when I was 17 and then added the parts about who everyone became. It’s actually true. Lake Ontario growing up. The others are going to our song plugger. we both like to preform, but we are getting “up there for that amount of work! Plus we are SHY. grad school stressed me out giving presentations!!!
      Thanks for following –Doggy Dignity and Puppy Pride were the dog trianing busineses I ran.I never got back to start that blog because of my shoulder. I just heard that one of the rescue dogs, Max, is now a service Dog. Happy. What do you do in Training?


  2. Cool, good luck and have a great weekend.


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