Tascam 2488neo 24-Track Workstation Recording Package

The 2488neo is Tascam’s latest take on its 24-track, 24-bit recorder. Sporting eight mic inputs, it’s one of the few recorders able to record and mix a full band. A new batch of mastering effects joins the reverb, amp simulation, compression and EQ processing to create and burn finished-sounding CDs in a stand-alone unit. With Tascam’s simple interface, great-sounding preamps and chart-ready effects the 2488neo is the ultimate 24-track production machine.
– New mastering effects include multiband compression, EQ and noise shaping for pro-sounding CD mixes
– 3-band EQ on 24 channels, 8-inputs and stereo bus with high and low sweepable shelving bands and full parametric mid band
– Three aux sends on all channels except the effects return
– Loop effect provides reverb, delay, chorus and more on an aux send and return
– Assignable Guitar multi-effects processor for overdrive, distortion, chorus, delay, flange and more
– Up to eight assignable dynamics processors for compression during recording or mixdown
– Dedicated Stereo Compressor on the stereo output
2 x KRK RP8G2 Rokit G2 8-inch Powered Studio Monitor
1 x AKG Perception 220 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
1 x Stoppit Microphone Pop Filter/Popper Stopper
1 x OnStage 7701B Tripod Boom Mic Stand
1 x Memorex CDR80 50-Pack Spindle (52x, 700MB)
1 x CBI MLC20 Mic Cable (20 Foot)
2 x CBI BL2A 1/4 TRS To 1/4 TRS Cable (6 Foot)



2 comments on “Tascam 2488neo 24-Track Workstation Recording Package

  1. granbee says:

    And to think I thought all bands still needed an entire recording studio with one of those room-length sound mixers! Portability is so freeing up, I imagine. And this 24-track, 24-bit recorder seems completely awesome in its relatively small footprint.


  2. Elusa says:

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