The Yardbirds – Dazed And Confused (1968)


3 comments on “The Yardbirds – Dazed And Confused (1968)

  1. Tony says:

    Hello, In 1965 when the Yardbirds first hit big with songs such as ‘Over Under Sideways Down’ or ‘I can’t Make your Way’ they had talent to burn. Jimmy Paige..Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck..made some bread and each took their own paths..Jimmy rock and with a lot of blues accent and a touch to rival Bloomfield. Eric, of course ballads and blues..driving beats and versatile..Beck, intense..quiet..a wonderful time..the latter sixties were great for me until about ’69..then the skies were grey on the sunniest of days..I went North from L.A. to play blues in Tacoma..then Seattle..first time I heard Led Zeppelin was before a big party on Holloween of that year..stories of la was not like that for me..just wanted human rights and peace on earth..just like now..good post..good memories..Peace Tony p,s, going to a pro site soon ame blog name..want to make sure pc is up to snuff..T.


    • checking on this–may not have ever been put on an album until Zeppelin’s first album…
      Jimmmy Paige was my cat’s name–born in a hippie commune–he was my favorite cat and was a vegetarian.
      I love the third album-you site is really facinating-my husband- the Music Buff- found this it blew him away to-it just proves what great lyrics Robert Plant wrote.our tumbler blog has more music info-alot of Beatles-also our music is a weird mix-I am not a musician -just starting to get the hang of the basic’s- take a listen if you get a chance-please make sure I know how to find you-or is it an upgrade?


  2. Tony says:

    P.S. I thouoght ‘Dazed and Confused’ was on the first Led Zeppelin album..never heard it with anyone but Robert Plant singing it..if it is on a Yardbirds album I would love to hear it..Peace Tony


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