Candle Lighter Award # 3

Candle Lighter Award # 3.

The following blog award as well as others several others have been given to me by more than one person. Unfortunally because ” tigergrove” went down…and my computer…  now ( I can not give a proper ” Thank You” to everyone for their time and effort.  I may not even have seen some of the nominations ect. This award goes to everyone. Anyone who takes time to share with good intentions is a light. There are some who I would like to mention. I left this open intentionally.

1. Tale of my heart; who has been there from the beginning.

2. Granabee; for her thoughtfulness, intelligence, time, excellent insight and patience.

3. Vampire Weather; for her honesty, genuis writing, and ability to inspire me.


One comment on “Candle Lighter Award # 3

  1. granbee says:

    Oh, heather, you brought tears to my eyes just now, with the honor you bestow on me today. YOU are certainly more than deserving of this award, with all your varied talents on display every day here. I, too, really love Tale of My Heart and Vampire Weather. VW does have genius and Zahir at Tale of My Heart is more than supportive, always “there” for us, isn’t he?


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