“Connections” – Poem By: brutus.paulinus – MoonTownCafe.Com

I like the moment when my hand
opens up a window to the unknown

polar winds, a vintage of lifetimes and stories,
now caressing my combusting hand.

For an instant, we are sand: constrained and
docile to the invisibility of our surroundings.

A neon moon brings me in touch with my
most primitive instincts: claiming ownership of

the next wrong step and a turn that is a season too late.
Cha cha cha… Your hands of oak center me in

a forest of penetrating humidity and darkness where
you are trapped in the comforting walls of a

perennial stalactite – robust and fragile – as I
await to surrender to the next cutting breeze



One comment on ““Connections” – Poem By: brutus.paulinus – MoonTownCafe.Com

  1. granbee says:

    Such powerful imagery to reflect how we often engage in our personal interactions. I really like this one, Heather.


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