“Sea of Storms” – Cincinnati, OH – Alternative/Lyrical/Cinematic

Sea of Storms originated in early 2008 as a collaboration between Dave Rohs (vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, keyboards, and miscellany) and Mark Milano (bass instruments, guitar, percussion, keyboards, viola, and miscellany), initially to develop arrangements and record songs Dave had written as a solo artist. Soon we began to write new material as well, in a variety of styles linked by a dark atmosphere.
As the project advanced we were fortunate to have a number of very talented musicians work with us, first Cesar Vanegas on percussion, followed by Liz Wu on glockenspiel, David Chamberlain on drums and percussion, Dan Barger on clarinet, flute, soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, G. Scott Jones on trombone, Nebulagirl on keyboards, percussion and vocals, and Chris Schoonover Rohs on percussion and autoharp.

To Hear Music Click On BLACK BEGAT BLACK



2 comments on ““Sea of Storms” – Cincinnati, OH – Alternative/Lyrical/Cinematic

  1. Really atmospheric stuff… love the vibe on Black Begat Black.. an intruiging find! Love it!


  2. granbee says:

    Very pleased to find out about this band. “Dark” is not my thing, but Mother Nature with all Her storms is!


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