Clowns (Spoken Word) – Song By: Ronnie and Heather Whitley Gibson

He’s no Dr. Doolittle
part Gene Simmons
a goofy suit
big red shoes
a drunken buffoon
not Krusty the cartoon
a juggling freeloader
mustard stained puppet
a taffy tongue
rubber bible belt
he over hauls his overalls
lipstick kisses
pulling rubber balloons from his pants
bringing laughter to the romper room
an elixir fixer up
brown bomb maker
a salty fish
one salty tear

He’s no Dr. Doolittle
his chalk face
that grinning smile
from fears to tears
smiles to frowns
Simon says guitar
from town to town
he’s not the scary fairy
the pumpkin stealer
with the mustard smile
that passes out
to pass out
some of his brown pamphlets
roaring surface
surfaces needed
circuses needed
a clown get-a-way
a fallen fellow
cat in the hat
arriving at the Who-ville

He’s a clown
not a pumpkin stealer
with a mustard smile
even though rumors about his batman underwear
cover his large mouth
crunching bones
twirled ice cream cones
children’s bones
who didn’t giggle

not even a tickle of fear of death
his band aid clown
frown upside down
rehab a finish
fake clown school
rooted into hold his own
he’s dusty and rusty
like a freaky and greeky
summer salted
the clown
the man with the bad habit
laughing at you
like a big red shoe

Take A Listen To “Clowns” (Spoken Word)


5 comments on “Clowns (Spoken Word) – Song By: Ronnie and Heather Whitley Gibson

  1. Really quite creepy… *shudder* Never liked clowns…


  2. Wonderful! Thank you!


  3. Very creativ. I think it’s creep too but I loved it 🙂


  4. dfb says:

    Clowns, yes. What is it about them. Lords of misrule? This is lovely and quirky, as befits the topic. Well done.


  5. granbee says:

    I ADORE clowns. And now you have made me love them more with these song lyrics!


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