“Heart Sold” – Poem By: Ronnie Gibson

i never thought i would find who i am
that day that i found you
my solo plans for me
slowly became our future of 2.

your my thoughts that start my mornings,
the endings to my days
the stars in my sky
my life in every way.

i watched you sleep the other day,
and hoped that it would last
the painless look upon your face
ive never seen in the past.

i heard the yelling the other day,
and knew that it was for me
just for us to be together
for our life to be stress-free.
i saw your smile when i arrived
and couldnt help but stare
thinking to myself,
was it me who made you shine
was it me who made you care?

your my inspiration to achieve my goals
the determination pushing me forward
i knew from our beginning
to you my heart was sold.


One comment on ““Heart Sold” – Poem By: Ronnie Gibson

  1. granbee says:

    Oh, Heather, you lucky woman–such a romantic and sincere leadup to St. Valentine’s Day!


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