“Play_Rewind_Eject” – Acoustic, Rock, Pop – (Solo Artist From The South East)

“After almost 10 years playing in a rock band I had a mountain of untouched songs, ideas and lyrics that I really wanted to work on” enthuses Pete Thompson who writes, records and performs under the name play_rewind_eject. “I didn’t want to make music that just sounded the same as the band I was in so I took an adventure into the world of samples, midi and synths to create something a little bit different” he continued. play_rewind_eject is certainly different to your average solo singer/songwriter and the free ‘Never Before but Maybe Again’ album and ‘Chelsea Bikes’ EP are fine examples of that. Released as free downloads by Oh Mercy! Records and available from http://www.playrewindeject.com, they give a great introduction to his music and styles. Influenced by a range of acts, from 60’s mods The Small Faces through to Leonard Cohen, play_rewind_eject has ventured back into the studio in 2012 to record demos for his next album, Back to Forward and preparing for more live shows. “I’ll be hitting the live circuit in March and I can’t wait to get up on the stage and deliver these songs”.
All play_rewind_ejects music has been mastered by Pete Maher (U2, The Killers, Scissor Sisters, Charlie Simpson, Jack White and Depeche Mode) of Topfloor Music who was more than happy to apply his magic to the finished mixes “Anyone with good taste will appreciate this. I honestly don’t think songwriting and production gets better”. With accolades like this from industry professionals it could be an interesting journey for play_rewind_eject over the coming months.

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One comment on ““Play_Rewind_Eject” – Acoustic, Rock, Pop – (Solo Artist From The South East)

  1. granbee says:

    Pete Thompson is familiar to me, have heard him in Atlanta. Some of the sidemen with the Stones have always held Pete Maher in expremely high regard as a master mixing artist! Glad to know Pete is sharing all this music with us.


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