Gibson Epiphone – “Revolution” – (John Lennon)

This is a Made in the USA Epiphone John Lennon Revolution Casino. It was made in 1999, is all-original and was aged to look just like John Lennon’s actual guitar. The John Lennon Revolution model is a historic recreation accurate right down to the pole position spacing of its biting P-90s single-coil pickups and the serial number stamped in its neck: #328393. Special case was taken to make sure this guitar, built in the Nashville Gibson Custom Shop, was exactly Like John’s Epi Casino.
John, Paul, and George all purchased Epiphone casinos back in the Beatles Mid Period, and used them both live and in the studio towards the end of their touring days. John eventually stripped the finish off of his and changed the tuners, and that is the version recreated here by Gibson in the USA Custom Shop. This guitar is a dead recreation of John’s Natural colored casino, right down to the old holes from the original tuning machines. Only 1965 of this model were made, and they are no longer being produced. This one is number 1636 of 1965, and was purchased by a collector originally and has not been played.

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2 comments on “Gibson Epiphone – “Revolution” – (John Lennon)

  1. granbee says:

    A truly beautiful piece of craftmanship, this Lennon guitar!


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