What Is A Modern Myth?

Speech Given By: James Curcio

I’ve had many discussions with people over the past few years about why myth is important. Much of these discussions come down to a misunderstanding about what the word “myth” means, so what could have been an interesting discussion about politics, permaculture, literature (or sex or food for that matter) becomes a lesson in semantics.
I’d like to avoid rehashing that argument, and toward that end, give a definition of myth that all of us can wrap our heads around. And I hope as a result of it you will see why this is such a crucial issue to explore, as it has relevance in regard to every other discipline of study.




2 comments on “What Is A Modern Myth?

  1. granbee says:

    I totally agree: a proper understanding of the definitions of “myth” is essential is we are to grasp any other area of disciplined study! Actually, I feel as if I am a “myth” in my own life somedays!


  2. Lindy Lee says:

    It is important to always keep an open mind…


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