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I’ve introduced several times the work of the Dutch photographer Ben Visbeek in Amsterdam. He traveled around the globe with his family many times. But when he features his hometown Amsterdam, a real insider is working, not a tourist! He has enough empathy with the Dutch culture to understand the point of views of famous Dutch painters like Peter Breughel, Vermeer, Rembrandt or lately: Hendrick Avercamp (Ben: “…winter landscapes by Hendrick Avercamp Amsterdam 1585-1634 are some of the most characteristic Dutch panoramas of the 17th century”). Recently there was much snow in Amsterdam and the canals were frozen. Ben Visbeek composed some typical Dutch winter themes. Like a flashback 400 years back to the work of old Dutch painters …

Inspired by Hendrick Avercamp Anno 2012+Amsterdam's canals become all-natural ice-skating venues
Winter games at the old Wester in Amsterdam+Dutch painter Hendrick Avercamp do revive Anno 2012
all 4 photos by Ben Visbeek, click on the pictures to enter his flickr galleries!

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  1. frizztext says:

    visit the website of Ben Visbeek (via the link to FrizzText)


  2. The images you shown are so great… I think I have to know better Ben Visbeek.


  3. granbee says:

    I enjoyed this post over at Frizztext’s blog already this week! So glad you honored this particular post of his with a reblog. Truly emulates the Old Dutch Masters does this photographer!


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