Possessed by the glare of incandescent soul:from makebelieveboutique


Make Believe Boutique

Creative work is seeing through one’s eyes,

not with them….Edward Weston

I am not contained between my hat & my boots….

Walt Whitman

…in other words, we see through our entire body…

but seeing is elusive….like being under water or walking gingerly in deep fog…

being possessed by light & love & the lyrical nature of paradox….& yet…

you continue to only touch, kissing so softly an image which feels like peace…this fleeting consummation of seeing is your fullest expression…

the undoing of day brings the night’s cyclical struggle to know…

golden light seeping into soul…

There is a citadel, inviolate,

The inmost hidden kernel of the heart,

Changeless, eternal, imperturbable,

A rock unmoved amidst the storms of life,

Girdled by veils of purifying flame,

Through which the questing soul,

in search of peace,

Must pass, & passing suffer, till the spark

Which struggles, all but snuffed,

within this clay,

Has blossomed into lightning radiance,

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2 comments on “Possessed by the glare of incandescent soul:from makebelieveboutique

  1. In Blue says:

    Thanks for sharing…


  2. granbee says:

    Seeing with the entire body–very true and a concept I believed and practice without quite thinking of it in these exact words. Thank you, Heather!


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