In Honor Of Poet Adrienne Rich 1929–2012

“Death Interrupted” By: Heather Whitley Gibson.

The faithful catfish below,
Clear day,
I can’t hear those faithful eyes.
gathered; swollen skies…grasses
shells warm in the sun, wasted the faithful
Plant a paper moon (I heard just now)
writing. Plant a paper moon.
A Poet dies. A turn. Path brok-en.
Beneath the tree. Donate dinner.
A no-wear man is weak.
Falling apples. Green and hard.
Hold on to branches, hold on.
Collect, gather rocks. Inside yourself.
Age. “They pace in sleek….certainty”.
Those tigers that swim. Underneath water.
Wire’s, wire’s. Slipped cage.
Lier, Lier, Change.
Words water.
Down the draining, drowing
Change loose; bites me.
Like a fossil. Rock.
Half- waxed. meaning two birds fell. hearing.
To see the unfindab.le tear

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