“Memories” – Poem By: Whispers in the Dark

Poem From http://PoetryPoem.Com

Each is my memory,
not unlike the figurines upon my wall.
With each sentence I remember all, an still there
are those I’ve no recollection, for I was too drunken & enraged.
For those please forgive me.
To the rage I am the slave.

Some day the rage shall be satisfied, or quenched of its thirst,
but not now, not when all are deserving of my outbursts.

So let me remind you of the darkness in men’s soul,& the many pains it may know.

Learn, & imagine what it is to be me.
Suffer the suffering in the safety of your home to make worth while my soul.
To understand the plight’s of those that know hell intimately.

For I’m in a pit you never want to be cast in.



3 comments on ““Memories” – Poem By: Whispers in the Dark

  1. Hello, Wonderful poetry. Writing like that commands that I forgive..
    philosophically I cringe from makeing unknowing judgements..but I know what I like..Peace Tony


  2. Hello, Wonderful. I try to refrain from making unknowing judgments about anyone..but I know what I like. Very poignant and understood here..Peace Tony


  3. granbee says:

    All of us have felt these bouts of powerful regret. This poem so well captures that phenomena of the dark places we seek to cast out of our hearts!


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