johnlewis: radio update 

The first internet radio. Photographed in 2002...

The first internet radio. Photographed in 2002, but dated from 1999 or 2000. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Listen to your computer

Internet radio is a term for the subscription-free audio broadcasting service transmitted via the Internet, and also a device that can be used to listen to it on.

Why would I want it?

One word: choice. With internet radio services usually accessible from anywhere in the world, there are literally thousands of stations to choose from – far more than you’d be able to pick up locally through an aerial.

If you’re an expatriate living abroad, you can use it to catch up with your favourite station back home. Or if your music or listening tastes are not being served – you’re a fan of world music for example, or if you’d like to listen to a foreign news station – you can hunt down something for your listening pleasure elsewhere on the planet!

What do I need to get it?

If you already own a PC with sound card and speakers, and have an active broadband connection – nothing. You can use your computer to listen via a media player that will normally be part of your computer’s operating system, or can be downloaded for free via the web.

Or- if you don’t want to be restricted to listening with your PC – there are other ways of getting Internet Radio, as long as you have a wireless broadband router:

A standalone internet radio such as the ROBERTS Stream 106X Internet Radio is ideal. It’s compact enough to go anywhere in the house – including the kitchen worktop.

The PURE Evoke Flow DAB internet radio is one to consider if you still fancy the option of receiving FM and DAB transmissions, in addition to web broadcasts. There’s even a handy auxilliary input so you can plug in your MP3 player too.

Got an iPod? You’ll love the powerful digital sound the Avanti Flow produces. It’s all thanks to this table-top system’s high quality D-Class amplifiers, with an integral 5.25” subwoofer adding extra ‘oomph’. A top-mounted iPod dock can be used to charge your player, and there’s even a large display so you can see which song – or Internet radio station – you’re listening to, without even having to stir from the comfort of your sofa.


One comment on “ johnlewis: radio update 

  1. granbee says:

    Wonderful way to access radio stations by the truckload!


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