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Spring Reign by Dean Young


River Styx, a partly subterranean waterway, em...

River Styx, a partly subterranean waterway, emerges onto the surface in Mammoth Cave National Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Spring Reign by Dean Young


Thank you whoever tuned the radio
to rain, thank you who spilled
the strong-willed wine for not
being me so I’m not to blame. I’m glad


I’m not that broken tree although


it looks sublime. And glad I’m not


taking a test and running out of time.


What’s a tetrahedron anyway? What’s


the sublime, 3,483 divided by 9,


the tenth amendment, the ferryman’s name


on the River Styx? We’re all missing


more and more tricks, losing our grips,


guilty of crimes we didn’t commit.


The horse rears and races then moves no more,


the sports coupe grinds to a stop, beginning


a new life as rot, beaten to shit, Whitman


grass stain, consciousness swamp gas,


the bones and brain, protoplasm and liver,


ground down like stones in a river. Or does


the heart’s cinder wash up as delta froth


out of which hops frog spawn, dog song,


the next rhyming grind, next kid literati?


Maybe the world’s just a bubble, all


philosophy ants in a muddle,


an engine inside an elk’s skull on a pole.


Maybe an angel’s long overdue and we’re


all in trouble. Meanwhile thanks whoever


for the dial turned to green downpour, thanks


for feathery conniptions at the seashore


and moth-minded, match-flash breath.


Thank you for whatever’s left.