“Ordinary Day” – Song By: lodato


a pale light
comes through the bedroom window
every evening

francis lays there on the bed
over the spread
a vale of mystery hangs on every moment
as shadows slowly seduce the clean white walls

I move in to get a better ease drop on
and play the eye of the camera lense
the shutter snaps
and francis brakes the peace
and the calm

look at me in a questionable gaze
and all I do is leave things the way I found them
and let francis get on
with an ordinary day

To Hear “Ordinary Day” Click On lodato’s Music Page


3 comments on ““Ordinary Day” – Song By: lodato

  1. doncarroll says:

    nice imagery here. it appears that the muse gets disturbed. that is my take. i tend to lean on that one specific angle.


  2. granbee says:

    Ordinary days can be the most memorable, especially when someone is allowed the full freedom of it.


    • Those little moments and silences. Amazing what we do and do not recall -often. Why such an ordinary ‘moment’ lays it’s head down on our concoiusness. Heidi, speaking of moments, is just blinking her long eyelashes, she just had a bath.


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