“Waves” – Poem By: Heather Whitley Gibson


waves of curtains
waves of hair
waves of sheets
moving waves of light
and lightning, and wings
waves of thoughts recorded
waves of drowned
waves of breath
waves of flags
and torches, and winds
waving goodbye
hands wave goodbye
hands wave hello in Italy
waves of becoming
of aging, of wrinkles
found later on your face
waves of smiling, of blinking
of blowing smoke of cigarettes
of waves falling down, haircuts
waves of pictures in your past
waves underneath plastic
sounds of sitting in an auditorium
everything echoing in waves of your mind
waves of sounding your thoughts out loud
like looking at pictures wished untaken
and haircuts uncut
and wrinkles unfound
of flags unwaving their stipulations of rules
and countries broken of waving goodbye
of waves of sounds
of sounding off alarms
and waves recording
these waves of fear
that wasn’t a recital in your mind
recording these waves


4 comments on ““Waves” – Poem By: Heather Whitley Gibson

  1. granbee says:

    So pleased to see so many lines containing ideas that show we are on the same “wavelength”, Heather!


  2. Thanks, another one that rattled it’s way out!


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  4. […] “Waves” – Poem By: Heather Whitley Gibson (tigergroves.wordpress.com) […]


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