“Lullabies bottled in the Original Title” – Poem by; Heather Whitley Gibson


   Lullabies and Fire Flies

Slurred words, muttering, still.

Pursuance. A letter’s cornered ear.

A flattened fear still sticking, with Rabbit skin glue.

Ink blurred; open and black. Pages beat…   back.

The Ocean’s skin.

Pages still swelling, roughly, straddling; wet

With tears. True rain hears.

Wet with the feeling of real rain raining;

rung with reels of skinned stories, a lathed cat.

A manic hanging, of her ghostly tongue, a cat skinned.

Words enshrined, a convalescent bee.

 Flat, slight fit, land, living trap, eye capped. Cloths drying pinned.

On this thin-skinned page, pacing sunshine.

A forever fire Fly. Or a corrugated field. An accident of the pen;

Detected by time, a shutter-feed design.

 Appeasing, hung out to dry.

A blasphemy, to love undetected. Lured.

Eye capped;

A camera celluliar  insight, tear-ducked,

 to far to cry.

An unopened hatching, beautiful list, yet touched.

  dry. bundles wrapped,

 Defected, but sweetly caught,

 a watershed; Attached.

  Of nerves. Trapped.

Honed in. Honey sucked. Sacked.

 Foundering, sinking meaning, a paper meal.

Lures deflected, sold for Lye, stitches, weighted and scaled.

Yellow and twirled, wounded and aubergine lute, a paper light proverb.

A wadded washington, eagle ironed; handed appeal.

For a dime-store lulling, no reverb.

Shelved salt-taffy tails.

Death is walking, where fireflies are talking.

Where hearts meet, a unwundered street, love is there, in dimming light,

Unspoken history, blue-colored, perfect fifth key word. Stalking.

A voice from a outsider’s. To lay against write.

Paper weight, A. Changed.

The original title.


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