Tiger Awareness:http://www.tigerawareness.co.uk/tiger_fundraising_events.html

White Tiger (Singapore Zoo)

White Tiger (Singapore Zoo) (Photo credit: madaboutasia)

Tiger Fundraising Events

 Donation Online button From Tiger Awareness:http://www.tigerawareness.co.uk/tiger_fundraising_events.html

We really appreciate the efforts of people who have helped to raise funds for our efforts.

Some details below:

Leeds Fun Run
A group organised by Claire O’Neill and friend raised £700 at the Fun Run In Leeds in August 2011.

Tara Broughton – £1500
I chose tiger awareness because tigers are my favourite animal and I am all too aware of what an endangered species they are. Having read about Tiger Awareness I was very impressed that not only do they contribute to saving the tiger but also in educating people about the plight of the tiger.

 Animal Friends Insurance I know that there are many tiger charities that have a similar ethos but the final factor was that they are based in Leicester, which is the home of the rugby team I support and who funnily enough are known as “Leicester Tigers”!!”

Read more information here about the donation from Tara Broughton from Animal Friends Insurance.

Rob Edlington
Rob raised £1200 on September 26th 2010 by running a half marathon. Great effort!

 Rob Edlington

Andy Watts and Fern his dog walked from Lands End to John O’Groats to raise funds for Tiger Awareness and Project Era Foundation in Bandhavgarh. Andy raised £4000.

 Andy Watts and Fern his dog

Karl Davies ran the Bath Half Marathon in March and raised £280 for Tiger Awareness.

 Karl Davies

Emma and Pete raised £100 at their wedding, to help our work.

 Emma and Pete

Bob Smith had a passion for helping Tigers – he would watch many documentaries on them. Bob passed away on February 2nd 2010 aged 83. The family collected £370 for our projects in remembrance of Bob.

 Bob Smith

Charity Netball Event 19th July 2009. Big THANK YOU to Claire Brandom and City Tigers for raising £1000.

 Claire Brandom

Philip Elliott ran the Silverstone half marathon March 15th and raised £350.00.

 Philip Elliott

A presentation of a cheque for £1350 from CHOKOLIT for the sales of the BITING BACK Bar.

Drawing from Outwoods Edge School, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Emma Taylor, aged 9, hopes that her picture will inspire other children to think about the plight of the tiger.

Many thanks to the girls from Queen Elizabeth School in Dorset who raised £30 at the end of June 2008.

 tiger fundraising

 tiger fundraising

Craig Smith raised £1000 by running the Edinburgh marathon and climbing the two tallest mountains in Tanzania.

Craig did the marathon on May 25th (the time is on the photo!) and he climbed Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro between June 4th and 16th.

Top class from Brentry Primary School who had a Tiger
Day in January 2008 and raised £700.

July 2007 – Claire Brandom and City Tigers had a charity netball tournament and raised £1500.

Jenny Osgood had a good street collection and rasied £110.

 Jenny Osgood

April 2007 – Tom Taylor completed the London Marathon in 3 Hrs 30 Minutes and raised £660.

January 2007 – ICTUS raised £315 by having a gig in Leicester.

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There are so many sites: Anyone who sends in a picture of a Tiger(s) that brings awareness will be posted on my tiger page and this blog. All interest is appreciated!


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  1. granbee says:

    Such a wonderful collection of ways to raise funds to help tigers!


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