Loyal Pit Bull Saves Mother And Child From Home Invader

A three-year-old Pit bull named Ruger saved his family from a violent intruder in Valparasio, Illinois on Wednesday. Twenty-year-old Jayne Casteel said Ruger protected her and her son after a stranger forced his way into her apartment.

Jayne said she woke to change her son’s diaper around 3 a.m. when she heard a knock at the front door. Peering through the peephole, she saw a man she recognized from a few weeks ago, who had stopped by her apartment looking for someone who did not live there.

Jayne cracked open the door with the chain still in place, and asked what the man wanted. He told her his car had broken down and he needed to use her phone. When she told him her phone was out of order, he replied “Oh really?” and kicked through her screen door door and punched through the front door, breaking the chain.

Jayne screamed as the man knocked her to the ground. She had gone to the front door with her three dogs and her son and when she fell, Ruger immediately came to her defense and clamped down on the man’s arm. Jayne told the Chicago Post Tribune the man “barely got in the house” before Ruger dragged the man back out of the house by the arm.

By this time, Jayne’s fiance Nathan Asbridge and a friend who is living with them, heard her and her son’s screams and followed the man out of the apartment and began punching the stranger and his accomplice who had been waiting outside. Ruger also bit the intruder a second time on the leg. The two suspects soon ran off.

After the encounter, Jayne explained Ruger is usually very gentle and “a big baby”. She believes Ruger lept to the family’s defense because her toddler began crying after she was pushed. She added they had trained hiim to be protective of her son when he was just a baby. “I’m so proud of him,” Jayne said of Ruger.

Valparaiso police are now hunting for the suspects. They found blood, two shoes and a glove at the scene which may help in locating the criminals. Jayne described the man as white, average height and around 200 pounds, wearing dark-colored basketball shorts without a shirt.

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4 comments on “Loyal Pit Bull Saves Mother And Child From Home Invader

  1. Love to hear stories like this -especially since pit bulls sometimes get a bad name.


    • me too, when they created the new laws in Cincinnati-because of Pitbull ABUSE but in the name of “public saftey ” I refused to comply. “Tonka”, my barely two year old Pitbull, I gave to a friend in Kentucky where she had a family, 3 kids and a yard. I called the news several times, when I found a Pitbull ring. The Police did not want any involvement because of the “Danger”-as in the people involved, not the dogs. Thank God M .Vick publicity had some positive effects. I hope people will take into consideration what these dogs endured. Thanks for your comment.Heather W


  2. evea192 says:

    This is very good to read, made my heart jump with joy. Because some times u get that they kill the dog first to gain entry into a home. Lovely story.


  3. granbee says:

    Loving this pit bull!


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