Lost; Get out from under my feet.

Get out from under my feet.

Fire. Passing harmlessly across the screws, tapping oil boiling lichen , garb


Full of blackened tarred and feather sorrow.( bothersome talk. ) UN -recitalist, unnecessarily rude phone callus. During grief.

Calls foam the burners.

No remorse. No  payment. Careless. Excused: Co-signers my life. Voted. UN- Necessarily.

Tell that to my heart. Bastards. I have to re-do, re-play re-member. rewind.

Garb-ages full of hate and anger.Tears. bags.

Nothing. Just play your tuneful. Ask no Questions.
Shoes or no shoes . What direction, easy when you blows.

One way conversation. ask me no questions tell me no lies.

have a watch OR A M OR HOW ABOUT A roof PM. GLAD BAGS with tie strings. Shot glasses with a straw.

OF NO PICTURES. Hand s with un-even


profile demounted. Gravitas moves in circulant-

circus, No carnivals, no fairs, no affairs.

don’t call, or ask. Real answers, unknown. Tepidness interrupter pathways to gateaus doors and airport garages aged UN –nest us sorrily. shut-up.


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