Collaborative Songwriting…A Retrospective


From the point of view of a self taught (and often solo) musician and songwriter,the prospect of co-writing music and lyrics with other musicians was something that I had to an extent, considered, but never really properly undertaken. 

One of the ‘luxuries’ afforded to the individual in writing to meet his or her own bench mark, is that very much everything from genre to lyrical content is decided by that individual alone.

However, in doing this, while the individual maintains complete control, this approach to ‘musicking’ (Small) neglects the benefits which are present in making music in a group environment.

‘Each songwriter has their own natural songwriting process. Sometimes these processes work very well, but other times, there is very much room for improvement. Co-writing is a great opportunity for you to improve upon your own process by seeing how another approaches the same song- what works and doesn’t work…

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