A Few Comments About Heather’s Poems


“Smelling Salts” – Wonderful description of the way I feel after fishing with my husband all day, then being left to clean up buckets, etc.!! Terriffically evocative, Heather. I can smell the scales and the guts!

“Without A Doubt” – I was completely enchanted by the words “worn pur-ring warm”. I also enjoyed “my mother wore, my grandmother held” very much. This poem is brave enought to touch the little child part of an old woman.

“Know Notes Aloud” – “sun re-aligned, flared and poached”–this is the central part of the message for me,Heather. Our perceptions of this trip formed by knowing notes aloud!

“It’s Caught On Something” – The little daily things that “bug” us the most always get caught on something, don’t they?

“Butterfly Stitch” – Beautifully done … you have a great way with imagery and the words just flow through the mind … I also like the look here, great job, Heather! Also the addition of the audio version …

“Butterfly Stitch” – Thank you for sharing this magical piece. I enjoyed listening to the audio of the spoken word

“Hollering In Your Hand” – “Arranging our own smells” and “hollering in our hands” while the living rings a silent alarm bell–this is how we live out the moments of our self-reflection.

“Long Lines” – I feel like I’m riding across the plains of the Canadian mid west day and night – sunshine, rain, and firelight – playing music at stops along the way. but now i see a life-time reflection.
I’ll be back to read it again and again!

“Long Lines” – “Rented space”–this phrase just echoes with me as I read and reread this poem. We all move in rented spaced, do we not? Or can we find our very own?

“Clowns” – Clowns, yes. What is it about them. Lords of misrule? This is lovely and quirky, as befits the topic. Well done.

2 comments on “A Few Comments About Heather’s Poems

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