About “TigerGrove”

Heather Whitley Gibson, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, grew up in upstate New York. She has been writing poetry, and creating artwork all of her life. She did her undergraduate, and graduate work in Fine Arts and Art History with a strong emphasis in poetry and philosophy. Heather founded two of the top progressive art galleries in Cincinnati, Ohio which continue to have a solid influence on the art scene. She still promotes the Ohio Arts, and continues to exhibit her her art, as well as writing poetry and song lyrics daily.

52 comments on “About “TigerGrove”

  1. fivereflections says:

    i enjoy reading your caring thoughts, creativity, and art…

    David in Maine USA

  2. Hello dear, I nominated you to One Lovely Blog Award check it out here:
    Enjoy! :) Dolly

  3. granbee says:

    Heather, when you changed from tigergrove.wordpress.com to tigergroves.wordpress.com, I found you and selected to “follow”: however, I have not been getting email notifications of your new posts, only tweets of such at my Twitter account. I used to live in Dayton, OH and frequented many galleries and museums, etc. in Cincinnati. When did you start those 2 art galleries there? You can respond at my website or email me at the address listed on my gravatar profile.

    • Heather Whitley Gibson says:

      During undergraduate school, I got the idea to start a small group to promote our art. My freind Sherri Kucta and I decided it was worth trying. A small group of us started every month or so at the painting studio’s (which were an old car repair shop off of campus) to aution our paintings, drawings, sculptures for small amount of money. It grew rapidly (liquor was not prohibited then). When we had enough money,the interested increased. Marc, one of the original members, a dancer and artist, brought in music, dancers from CCM allowing us to branch out to on going experimental pieces, poetry, preformance pieces and a gallery of just visual art.We then rented, with the agreement to use a huge old ballroom, on 1313 Vine street, if we cleared out the lower floor . It took at least 20 of us working around the clock.( It eventually the space was turned into a sucessful dance bar called the Warehouse).We invited all kinds of artists and had a wonderful turnout. There was at that point at least 15 permanent members, we at that point called our group the Artist’s Symposium. We then had enough money to find a permanent gallery space.We moved across from the theatre space, The Emery,on Walnut street. After a group show, David Dillon,Sheri Kuchta and I had the first three “man” show, the group had then changed it’s name to Semantics. After about two years the ceiling started to fall in and David held the gallery together during it transiton to it’s final home in the Briel distrist off of central parkway.Member’s have moved on, re-jioned, but the original conception of the gallery, to allow it to be open to all artists; students, nationalionally known artists, self taught aritsts, preformance artist of all types.Despite the doubt at the outset from others, it remains true to it’s orignal foundation and integrity.This past August it had it’s 20th Annversary. At the present time David Dillion, Andy Marko and Julia Rands contiue to re-open the doors once a month.

    • Did you get my e-mail it was along one. Semantics and TuTu Galleries.

  4. granbee says:

    Heather, I forwarded my email address to you via the email address you provided in your direct message to me via Twitter. Yahoo mailerdaemon came by saying there was no such yahoo account! Just go to the gravatar (the chatty penguins) posted by my comment here, or on your newest post, click on “profile” and to the right you will see my email address listed.

  5. Clarity says:

    I enjoy your blog too, Heather. Keep doing it: keep creating, writing and playing!

  6. mycogds says:

    Beautiful page. I love big cats of all kinds. The art in the top right corner is lovely. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!

  7. andy1076 says:

    Hi Heather, thank you so much for following my blog! :)

  8. dfb says:

    Heather – I’m checking out your MP3 site and I love it. What fantastic lyrics/poetry and great musicianship. You are both very talented. I see Ronnie has an epiphany semi-acoustic… I used to have one of those but sold it a couple of years ago. And you play the bass and mandolin as well? I also like Neil Young, the Beatles etc. and also like country and folk. Fantastic stuff here, Heather. Thank you.

  9. dfb says:

    …. and sorry, it shouldn’t be ‘epiphany’ but epiphone! Darn spellcheck!

  10. frizztext says:

    I always enjoyed to sing with my guitar ON THE BANKS OF OHIO, that absurd murder ballade…

  11. do you know the murder ballad
    to sing with irony …

  12. Hi Heather,

    I saw your comment on my Friday the 13th post from yesterday…I’ve been away for the last 2 weeks, as my Mom was ill and passed away. I have not been active, but I’m slowly starting to respond to many comments. So I just wanted you to know that I am still following you…take care, Lauren

    • Heather Whitley Gibson says:

      I am so sorry–thanks I was missing you. Take your time. I just wrote you a long response and decided against it. Just know that I am just one of many and you have never met me, that care.
      Please take cake of your self!

      • Thanks, Heather, I appreciate your kind thoughts, even though we don’t know each other. That’s what’s amazing about WP, we meet so many people and feel like we’ve known them forever~Everything’s fine, just takes time…hope you’re doing well, too!

  13. asoulwalker says:

    Where is the obvious subscribe button that I can’t find?

  14. AlphaEN says:

    Dear Heather,
    Thank you for following my blog. Your site is very creative and I would love to see more of your art. Do you have more of your works posted here or on a different site?

    • Heather Whitley Gibson says:

      I lost most in a fire 99.9%. I just ordered another easel and brushes. and am trying to get a good deal on e-bay for paint-I am picky about that. I don’t need 200$tubes (per) but I underpaint in acrylic, so I can use high Quality Oils on top. My husband freaks out at the cost-wait until he sees how many tubes i go thu….It took me this long to realize that I can’t live without painting-now it is as vital a eating. before I could’nt pick up a charcoal pencil without a sense of my soul being lost. now I want to paint paint paINT. I have some old scetches not great maybe I will put up a few. Thanks for asking-kick me in the butt!! TCTG

  15. halfcnote says:

    That’s just cool.

  16. Thanks for dropping by my blog, I am glad I checked yours out, it’s great! :)

  17. Hi Heather, I am an old friend from your DAAP days. What is your current email address as I used the two listed on one one of your sites, but I also noticed one is a Yahoo account the person above said is no longer valid? So I am not sure if my email came through. Just wanted to get back in touch if possible! Sorry to hear about the fire. Glad to hear you are still painting and being highly creative with an equally creative partner!

    Rachel (I live in Europe now)

  18. Hi

    Thanx for following my blog :)
    Just review your blog and really find sum outstanding peace of poetry. Superb !

    I wonder you mention in your blog that you also an artist what type of artist you are? A vector designer or a painter?

    Unfortunately i wont find much of your art work and this is my request/demand :) to upload your art llike those which are published rite now on your blog.

    Any suggestion will be welcome.

    Hope you’re well and God bles su


    Ahmad Ladhani

  19. Jixi Fox says:

    so awesome nice to meet you…are you still in NYC?

  20. JKBradley says:

    I have enjoyed my short visit just now. Your writings, but also your art work, particularly the reclined nude woman on red. Very tasteful. I’m looking forward to coffee fed perusal in the coming mornings. Thanks.

  21. timruane24 says:

    Can one submit poetry and art? Thank you, hope I am not a pest. ruanetimothy430@gmail.com.
    — Tim Ruane Thank you.

  22. halfcnote says:

    The nude is very interesting. Cool and warm at the same time. Medium?

  23. it’s a faded slide, it’s actually pretty old and I don’t have it, The color’s are muted because of the photo and also the model left before I was done, I almost threw it out. I should have sold it. I got offered 5,500 for it as a wedding present for a lesbian couple. In those days I was actually making money off of my work. It’s oil with parts that were more matt, and some with more varnish. It’s painted on Lennox Paper witch I’ve found to be the cheapest, archival paper you can buy in rolls.
    It’s needs to be sanded somewhat to get a good surface. I’m pretty serious when it come to achival painting. I’ve sold stuff in my twenties that has change colors! So, I’ve learned what qualities you can and can’t gat away with. I so exicited, thus, the long answer. Uctrecht is way to expensive but they have these new paint brushes that are part arylic-part sable. I just got out my box…the Utrecht brand brushes have a black stem with red,yellow ring at the top – double pinched rims.(mixed synthetic).they also have Kolinsky-Utrecht red sable a 12 is the size of a cheap 4 brand. Both are excellent bruches on sale for acrylic or oil. My favoritie brush which I can’t find is Escodcj- Spain. I’m going to take that nude into photo and try to get it to look simi-true. it’s actually about 4.5 by 4 feet. When I get back fom e-bay I may post this. here we go!

  24. Glad you stopped by my blog and ‘introduced’ yourself. Your work here is delightful and I’m enjoying having a first look ’round. Have spent some brief but much-loved time in Cincinnati, and know that the art scene is vibrant, so I’m not surprised at the quality here!

  25. miramirorum says:

    Thanks for following my blog!

  26. Lyn Leahz says:

    I have an outfit like that! Except the pants are those shorter pants that come right above the knee and have those little ties.. love my army print stuff! LOL Thanks for liking my post on Christian Blessings.

  27. petrel41 says:

    Hi, thanks for subscribing to my blog! Welcome :)

  28. Onleilove says:

    Thank you for following my blog!

  29. coconutspeak says:

    Thank you for the like in ‘All names are now cold’. It’s a real honor coming from someone from your background.

  30. Thanks lot for following my blog…

  31. petrel41 says:

    Congratulations, Heather!

    I have nominated your blog for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award.

    The rules of the award are at


    Well deserved! Enjoy :)

  32. petrel41 says:

    All my best wishes for you and your blog, Heather!

  33. I just nominated you for the Liebster Blogger Award http://wp.me/p2tQ7q-5p. Take care, and have a great day!

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