Know Notes Aloud



Maybe or not
nothing, keyed
but a breath taken
anchored to create
seatbelts denied
smoked grass, poured gas
rear view backseat driven ride

base guitar, black bass
four strings uncooked and cast
re-keyed, the tiger swam at last
by darned maps, medicine token chips
drumsticks feather fields,
wild deer ticks
running lights and a pedal
steel guitar lick

beautiful chess boards fell
soon pieces meet neatly with love
playing muttered muddy water songs
a music sees the ebony cartel
dances become plays, plays become dances
with the turning of an allen wrench

blues crowds faded, creeks begin croaking
fenced, the dazed and hoaxed
despair dated, the fretboard floating,
blanched, the neck bowed, straightened on rosewood, coaxed
tuning proclaims know notes aloud

wolves blinked, eyes break opened
bluer than Utah’s salt lake
a world understood, stood understood, vinyl swill,
sweat pouring, pouring piano rained
water pelting like bullets kill
tickled ivory keys looking arranged
pictures hang, stretched on buffalo skin
promised like lines in pools
a dive so deep, one polish kiss

pride changed the rules
the sun re-aligned, flared and poached
winning ways, cymbols snare, united states lease
high hats, and luminous dates, a golden roach
guns lifted, marching marshell, swollen peace
a market place, large fruit, top of mantel
money tucked in the wallet of time, nothing urned
bongos banged, fired by candles, the war burned
c clef that says know notes aloud

a flight ticketed, flirting contained,
a baby’s handprint due,a tailored garden, a reading road
calender’s re-printed, a press word key ,labor day cue
weekend goodbyes, memories sent abroad susustained
a foreclosed site, autumn maple ray, paved, slowed
grass marquee played, the bees harbored, john deer shoed
from a to z,uncharted paper bundled, ride
laminated, cut, pasted, then pathed
highway ridden, Kentucky skinned, Louisianna and lathed

one new fishing rod, pinned, our fate, basted word press
our black grandmother’s address,
Gerry Mandered, us again split in two
walking in silver, slandered, shoes
a crooked clap, again at the cape
a four track, trading tape
a clapping preamble
a horn’s blow, geese honk
the majority whip
the tambourine trembles
are unheard, redress
we are the singers
the siren
know notes aloud

Poem by Heather Whitley Gibson


Yesterday’s Moth

A cloth thread
it was yellow; shinning
bright steel blue
cob webs; recyclability
drips design retractable
and Tuesday received
buckets freely
I see a moth
from yesterday poems on
a blank piece of paper
cloth; thoughtfully pinned
inside made
thoughtfully re-read intimately
tube; in my heart
leering down
it’s sinful weakness

My ears are doing-that
wiping out
hands off; buzzards; leftover
ground down white wrapped yarn
the bones of a coat; hung hanger
wreck debris aged
falling of the bone
in waves; falling off the bone
in waves; it just comes
nothing hurts
it’s supposed to


Poem By Heather Whitley Gibson

“A Poem About Nothing” – Poem By: Heather Whitley Gibson


a poem about nothing
it has no words
stationary, still standing
different lines printed
different spaces
like no other colors
found, covers, a whole
hole punched
sewn and glued, open book
bound, empty, but full
nothing written, write right
like caring about nothing
nothing cares
epilog, indexed, interlude
number picked
put down, picked up
it covers nothing
like it’s lines
spaces spaced, station
nothing is there


“The Gods” – Poem By: Heather Whitley Gibson

Here comes Zeus in his zuit suit
Hercules in all his glory
hot and bothered, looks for Venus
history and poetry
standing at the Mayan temple
watch them sacrifice a child
Egyptians prepare a mummy
watch out the gods are on fire
all chant when the sun shines bright
the gods, the moon, the night
looking at the stars and Mars
watching Aztecs playing ball
voices speak to Persephone
George is singing my sweet lord
everyone try’s to stand tall
even when their idols fall
what you must do against all odds
is try your best to worship the gods
some people take time to pray
pray to Billy Holiday
some even praise animals
to stop sky and thunder from falling
and after the day is done
some pray to Jim Morrison
walk to the door and turn the knob
drop to your knees and worship the gods
muses mount the Trojan horses
pyramids and the white house
Apollo take your pick
shine your tongue and join the mob
drop to your knees and worship the gods

“Has Been” – By: Heather Whitley Gibson

I felt this morning like a has been
rolling over on my spine
it hurts
it feels like needles
from a porcupine
my back, and rear
two hours before
rubbing up against
mu husband’s butt
but two hours later
I can feel it stinging
like a tail bone
curled, still hanging
with nerves
like my stepmother’s cells
curled up
it needs surgery
someone take it out

“Behind Ones Eyes” – Poem By: Heather Whitley Gibson

ten commandments cast in bronze
airtight hope wedged everyone
picked up and thrown overboard
fleets of rulers, commodores
caverns of unexplored places
empty hallways, lost crawl spaces
real things are hid, to hide he tries
confusion behind ones eyes

Catholics, Ghilberti doors
realness forsaking, comfort joined
polished rocks brought on peasants backs
no shiny coins tucked in their sacks

unexplored places in a child’s thoughts
ruminations, closed quiet eyes
behind his own substitution

from a far away distance a shiny beacon
anchor overboard, reach the destination
it’s the honest one that has fallen behind
you can see the soul behind ones eyes

Hostage: Poem by johnnyduncan


               Being trapped in a place or situation That causes headaches, heart aches and frustration, By invisible forces that imprison the will, Coercing him or her to live the life she lives. Having to bite one’s tongue in order to speak, To keep from stepping on somebody’s feet. Jobs, expectations, laws and mores of society Are sources of this variety of anxiety!

Spend a majority of time in a working life, Traveling to and fro from so much strife, Uttering unheard curses, crying waterless tears, In order to retire in a few more years? Be a “fuehrer”, you know what this word means,* Refuse to be enslaved by life’s routines. Jobs, expectations, laws and mores of society Are sources of this variety of anxiety!

Auto, gas, phone, insurance, rent and food are but a few Which at the same time of the month come due. Robbing Peter to pay Paul takes maneuverability. Keeping the lights on is an exercise in fUTILITY “What can one do, how can one escape, When Mr. BILL is standing gun-at-the-gate?” Jobs, expectations, laws and mores of society Are sources of this variety of anxiety!

*Fuehrer means leader.
 johnnyduncan /poetry.poem