Cut Furniture: Giving New Meaning To Flat Pack Furniture


I saw a lot of really beautiful furniture from all over the world at Ambiente, but none of them made me stop in my tracks the way that Cut Furniture did. As I approached the booth I caught sight of this magnificent red chair, its pieces hanging on the wall behind it like art. It was love at first sight.
Now, before I get your hopes up, Cut Furniture is not yet available for retail sale. Designer Mariana Costa e Silva launched the brand at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo in June 2011 and is still working out the details for retail sales.

Cut Furniture also reduces waste by using a computerized cutting system to create the pieces. As you can see in these photos, multiple chairs can be cut from one sheet of Valchromat, reducing waste by using more of the raw material.


What Is A Modern Myth?

Speech Given By: James Curcio

I’ve had many discussions with people over the past few years about why myth is important. Much of these discussions come down to a misunderstanding about what the word “myth” means, so what could have been an interesting discussion about politics, permaculture, literature (or sex or food for that matter) becomes a lesson in semantics.
I’d like to avoid rehashing that argument, and toward that end, give a definition of myth that all of us can wrap our heads around. And I hope as a result of it you will see why this is such a crucial issue to explore, as it has relevance in regard to every other discipline of study.


“Into The Fog” – Poem By: Mark Russell


I awake today not knowing where to go
Destination unknown hope is all I know,
Fog so thick you can cut it with a knife
Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
I drive it’s like flying through a cloud
With broken wings flight is still allowed.
I can’t see where I’m going or where I’ve been
I don’t know where to start I simply begin.

Cars in front of me vanish like ghosts
Vanishing tail lights the direction they post.
I cannot see ten feet in front of my face
It’s like traveling through time and space.

After a while the sun shines through
Revealing a sky that is clear and blue.
It reminds me of journeys made through the night
From out of this blindness comes the dawn of light.

I finally arrive at my new destination
I seem to arrive within my calculation.
Into the fog and then out the other side
A journey towards vision is simply implied.


Peter Hook & New Order Likely Going To Court, Getting Even More Childish

Article From PreFixMag.Com

It appears that the seemingly eternal struggle between Peter Hook and his former bandmates in New Order is going to court. His main concern is over the fact that the other members of New Order are trying to trademark the name without his permission. He said that this is illegal because it’s an oppression of the minority — in this case, Hook — and wants it settled. Peep a quote from his interview from NME.


Adding Soul to Your Songwriting

Article from SongwritingLab.Com

We all have a varied opinion on what exactly a song is and considering the 140 character limit of twitter no longer applies here, I can now happily share my own view with you.
Pedantically, we can look at a song as being part melody, part rhythm, part arrangement and part “ message”. I wish to focus on the message, but just to clarify the first three:
A melody is a series of notes. We play the notes with various textures and in varied rhythm as we stop, start and mix how the melody flows. A melody is usually presented on top of a rhythm (not necessarily a drum), possibly as simple as the rhythm you get from pausing, sustaining or holding. You can easily whistle a good melody but can struggle to whistle a bad one.
Take Singin’ in the Rain – by Freed and Brown. The melody has a wonderful rhythm to it. If you started whistling it now, you may very well be distracted from reading the rest of this article, so don’t start whistling now!
The term arrangement changes with genre and with time but effectively is the chosen structure, for the chosen instruments, playing the chosen melody/chord etc. This can have an effect on the message.
The message part of a song is an interesting one and where the rest of this article will now concentrate. It is interesting because it is relied on heavily by modern pop music. The message is not just lyrics but also the vibe.
Take hip-hop as an example. Hip-hop contains more message than rhythm, more rhythm than arrangement and more arrangement than melody. Take message away and you have a mediocre poem. No one wants to listen to average. So to improve the rap, one must big it up to compensate. Hip hop relies on a kick ass rhythm which creates a vibe, which reinforces the message.
To avoid dull rap, rappers write lyrics that test. They put violence or a sexy/lust slant into the message, something to make it edgy.